Action-packed events to keep your kids moving!
Customized parties to suit your child’s interests!

What’s a Mr. P.E. Party?


All Mr. P.E. coaches have extensive experience keeping kids moving and happy. We have the training and experience to flow with any group, and adjust activities on the go to make your event truly special. Parents can expect to relax, cut the cake and enjoy some adult conversation while we rock out with the kids! The parties are a mix of friendly team games and cooperative activities to make the day a win, for any type of child.

Customize your event to your child’s interests!

  • Team Sports
  • Dance Parties
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Water Games
  • Beach Parties and more!

What’s a Mr. PE Party Cost?

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Option 1

Up to
30 kids

1 hr: $225

1.5 hrs: $275

2 hrs: $325

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Option 2

30 kids

2 coaches
1 hr: $325

1.5 hrs: $375

2 hrs: $425

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“I loved how you handle every single kid and your activities were amazing!!! everybody had a lot of fun, including parents. I will not only recommend you but I will also call you back on future events.”

Kati Marquez

“Mr. P.E. does an incredible job!!! My son chose Mr. P.E. because a friend had one of his parties, and everyone had a blast! His party was awesome! All the friends were talking about who will have the next Mr. P.E. party.”

Julie Gomez

“Thanks for an awesome, action packed birthday party!”

Kelly Therese

“Great idea for birthdays. Ian and his crew have the kids busy and the parents get a break. It’s a win-win for everyone!”

Sheri Gisser