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Meet the Mr. P.E. team!

Ian Phillip
Ian Phillip
Coach - Owner

Ian started Mr. P.E. in 2006, and is proud to be keeping kids moving, and parents relaxed all these years later! Ian has taught P.E. full-time at Del Mar Heights Elementary school since 2004, and was teacher of the year in 2012. Ian’s philosophy is that EXERCISE and FUN should live on the same planet. Ian is a goofball who enjoys surfing, dancing climbing and martial arts.

Katy Moyneur
Katy Moyneur

Katy has been rocking Mr. P.E. parties for many years and is the embodiment of GIRL POWER! Katy teaches P.E. full-time at Sycamore Ridge Elementary, was a Division 1 Field Hockey champion at Michigan and brings amazing energy to all her parties. Katy likes to work out and enjoy the beach. Katy is a super positive influence on kids and adults alike!

Cecily Gilson
Cecily Gilson

Coach G is a graduate of Sacramento State University, where she ran Track and Field as a Division 1 sprinter. She has her degree in P.E., Coaching and Conditioning, and a teaching credential from SDSU. Coach G has taught kids from pre-school to middle school age, and has the energy you need for your party! Coach G hopes to share her experience and knowledge, serve as a mentor for kids and help them develop a long lasting healthy relationship with exercise.

Christian Harrison
Christian Harrison

Coach Christian is a graduate of University of Georgia where he was an NCAA All American in Track and Field. He now runs track professionally and is an Olympic hopeful. He has coached and worked with kids ages 4 – 13 for almost 10 years now. Brings energy and fun to any event.


“I loved how you handle every single kid and your activities were amazing!!! everybody had a lot of fun, including parents. I will not only recommend you but I will also call you back on future events.”

Kati Marquez

“Mr. P.E. does an incredible job!!! My son chose Mr. P.E. because a friend had one of his parties, and everyone had a blast! His party was awesome! All the friends were talking about who will have the next Mr. P.E. party.”

Julie Gomez

“Thanks for an awesome, action packed birthday party!”

Kelly Therese

“Great idea for birthdays. Ian and his crew have the kids busy and the parents get a break. It’s a win-win for everyone!”

Sheri Gisser