It’s Fall time, you and your kids are busy with schoolwork, clubs, classes and teams. It can be a hectic time to enjoy your moments and make sure everyone is staying healthy inside and out. Here are some tips from Coach Phillip, parent of a wild 6-year old and teacher to 500 K-6 kids every week:

1. Avoid overscheduling your kid – our modern kiddos are wired to take on the world, and they will! Just remember that they feel the effects of too many practices/games/scheduled events. Give your kids time to unwind in a positive way with unstructured play and some choice in their week.

2. Time your screen time and make it worthy – My son is super tech-savvy and loves any time he can get on the tablet or computer. Support their tech hunger in a positive way with learning websites and positive-themed games. I grew up in the Nintendo generation and I know what it feels like to play video games for hours. Make real experiences, outside with others the main course and tech support the dessert! OUTSIDE IS THE REAL PLAYSTATION!

3. Take time to smell the roses, check out bugs, play with sticks and rocks! You might be surprised how refreshing this can be as an adult. Growing up too fast is not recommended!

4. Support your kid having their own style: in learning, how they dress, and what makes them happy in life. They will appreciate the family and community values you hold dear even more if they get to be who they really are inside.

Have an awesome 2018, and we hope to see you on the field, in the yard, or wherever you want to go PLAY! – Mr. P.E.